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Pranayam Breathwork Training


Welcome to this online Pranayam Breathwork Training. With this programme you will build a daily practice that will help you to - overcome stress and anxiety - have more focus and clarity - deal effectively and calmly with everything life throws at you - learn to breathe correctly and strengthen your lungs - cleanse your blood and respiratory system - boost your immune system - release toxins - have more energy - sleep well - have more connection to yourself and your intuition - connect with your ancestors and guides - download your next steps in life - create an inner peace like never before This programme is an intensive programme, to work through in 2 weeks, however it is self paced so you will be able to move at your own pace. I highly recommend that you commit to a daily practice to get the full benefit of the exercises and what they can help you achieve. This will ensure that your body changes the way it responds to stress and other triggers.

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GBP 33.00


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