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Imagine, the first week of every month a mystical parcel lands on your doorstep. A parcel containing an array of beautiful, magical pieces to assist you on your journey and keep your space in a high vibration. You will receive altar pieces and tools to potentiate your personal practice, and remedies and products made from sacred healing plant allies. Receiving a Medicine Woman box every month will help you to maintain focus on your magical work and to always be aligned with Mother Earth and all the gifts and support she has to offer.


You will receive a selection of the following:


• Full Size Handmade Organic Sprays 100ml - Elixir Vitae, Medicinal, Magical, Herbal etc. All made from home grown or foraged plants. 

• Full Size Handmade Organic Oils 30ml - Beauty, Medicinal, Magical etc. All made from home grown or foraged plants. 

• Full Size Handmade Organic Flower Essences 30ml - for Emotional and      Physical Well-being - All made from home grown or foraged plants.

• 4 Natural Beeswax Spell Candles (vegan version available) 

• Handmade Organic Smoke Cleansing Sticks 

• Full Size Handmade Organic Non Toxic Cleaning Products 

• Large Crystal 

• Scroll with a Spell or Recipe 

• Magical Gifts from Nature

• Original Artwork

• Handmade Ethical Crafts 

• Handmade Organic Bathsalts 

• Natural Loose Teas 

• Handmade Organic Loose Incense  

• Handmade Bespoke Magical Tools for Ritual, Ceremony and Personal Practice 

• Antique Magical Tools for Ritual, Ceremony and Personal Practice 

• Mystical Home Decor and Soft Furnishings 

• Handmade Jewellery and Accessories 


Please note - the candles in the Original Box are made from Beeswax, and some potions, such as Oxymels, may contain local raw honey or beeswax. If you would like a Vegan Box please choose the vegan option in the dropdown. You will get vegan candles and a honey/beeswax free potion. All other products are vegan friendly. 


* Contents will change each month.

** Picture for illustration purposes only, contents may vary 

Ceremonial Pamper Box - Datura

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