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Medicine Woman Plant Essences are lovingly handcrafted in the sun in the English countryside. Each essence carries the healing vibration of the individual plant. They are alcohol free potions. 


Emotional Ally 


Yarrow pops up in the most imaginative places. She is present where other things may not thrive or grow. She has a stong foundation and all her outer parts are robust yet feminine. 


Yarrow's medicine will help you to strengthen your core, your drive and your outlook. If you've been putting on a brave face, but not really feeling strong inside, then Yarrow can help. She will help your interior to match your exterior. She will help you to become strong in every sense. 


Medicinal Properties of Yarrow


* digestive complaints

* wounds 

* inflammation

* reduce blood pressure

* reduce fever

* rheumatism

* pneumonia

Plant Essence - Yarrow

  • Medicine Woman Plant Essences are made with raw, organic apple cider vinegar. If you are allergic to apple cider vinegar please do not use.