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Awaken The Enchantress

Awaken the Enchantress within you - 1 to 1 mentorship

  • 2,995 British pounds

Programme Details

Dear one, I hear your call. Your cries for a lost version of you, the innocent one who truly knew joy and mysticism. The one who was connected to the cycles of nature and her own cycles, and saw the magic all around her. The one who loved unconditionally, fearlessly, playfully; before the defences came up not giving space for true pleasure. The women who came before you are ready and waiting to support you, as now is the time to reclaim your own innate power, and embody the Enchantress that you, woman, truly are. Balance out your masculine tendencies of constantly doing, following procedures, of trying to work out the how's, and step further into your feminine essence of creation, intuition, flow, ease, grace, confidence and self love. Are you ready to embody the Enchantress in everything you do? If so, then join me in this 12 week mentorship where I will walk beside you every step of the way, teaching you to communicate with yourself, nature and the unseen, so that you trust yourself and the choices you make. Passing on to you my lifetime's work. As we move through the weeks, with weekly video calls and continuous support between calls , I will teach you the modalities you need at exactly the right time for what you are experiencing. Ancient and channelled techniques that women have used for centuries, to heal yourself and the planet. Intuitive Guidance Communing with Nature Energy Healing Working with Herbs for Medicine and Magic Sound Alchemy Breathwork Spiritual Guidance and Practices Sorceress Training The Magic of Menstruation and Menopause In just 12 weeks time you will feel empowered to be unapologetically and unashamedly you. With a clear focus of what you are doing , knowing that you are creating your own life. Walking the earth as the Divine Enchantress you were born to be.

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