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Pranayam Breathwork

Available Online

2 week, one to one, Pranayam training. 6 sessions via video call

  • 333 British pounds

Programme Details

This 2 week Pranayam Breathwork Programme will give you everything you need to have your own daily practice which will help to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain fatigue insomnia, lack of focus and clarity. It will align you with your higher self and help you to download messages, connect to your inner wisdom, release trauma from this lifetime and others heal your ancestral line. You will have increased energy more stamina a relaxed nervous system better sleep tools to deal with stressful situations improved physical, mental and emotional health Pranayam breathwork strengthens your lungs, purifies your blood and strengthens your immune system. We will have 6 sessions via video call. During these sessions I will teach you the techniques and will gradually increase the time as we go on. You will learn the benefit of each technique and see how it can help you in your daily life, knowing which exercise works for you in each situation. Please book your first session at a time when you wont be disturbed and are not digesting food. Subsequent sessions will be booked directly with me. These programmes usually run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the same time each session. Please choose a time that is convenient for you, due to the intensive and committed nature of this programme, sessions cannot be changed. This is to ensure that you get the full benefit of the programme.

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