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Psychedelic Preparation

Available Online

Prepare for your journey to get the most from it

  • 100 British pounds

Programme Details

When considering a psychedelic journey for healing, there are many factors to take into consideration. Setting, guide, physical state, emotional wellbeing. All of these factors will greatly affect your experience. Preparation beforehand is vital to getting the most from your experience. This is a video call service where I will give you tools and tips of what to do in the weeks leading up to the journey, what to do during, and how to get through the experience should it get intense. This will ensure that you go into the experience confidently and able to deal with what may come up. This is for people who are using plant medicines for healing in a respectful, informed manner. Please note - no illegal substances are included in services. It is assumed you are attending your experience in a country where such substances are legal.

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