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Reclaim Your Divine Essence

Connect to the elements and remember your magic - 1 to 1 mentorship

  • 3,333 British pounds

Programme Details

Do you feel the magic in the air? Hear the whispers of the wind? Feel at home when you're sat by the ocean, like a calming force has washed over you? Can you feel your ancestors when you're sat round a fire? If you have answered "yes" to these questions then you're in the right place to understand and develop this connection further. If you answered "no, but I want to", I will teach you. Working with the elements gives you the answers to your questions. Ask the wind, then listen. Watch flames dance and decode their message. It's all possible once you are connected. Harnessing the energy and power from the elements Air, Earth, Wind And Fire, empowers you to feel part of nature and claim your place on this planet. It allows for deep connection to yourself, your intuition and inner wisdom. Let the ancestors guide you through life. As you learn to commune with nature and your ancestors, their unconditional love envelops you, holding you. They've been waiting for you. Once in this space and frequency, joy and bliss (the true human state) will show themselves to you. Begin to function from the heart using your intuition to guide you every step of the way, secure in the knowledge that you have it all within you to achieve everything your heart desires. Getting out of your head and into your heart. This is our birthright. Prepare to live your life as a sacred ceremony, a flowing dance, where you are the creator of all. This 16 week mentorship brings magic and ceremony direct to your door. There is a Ceremonial Pamper Box for each element, that includes everything you need to alchemise your daily life and start on the sacred path. With access to my own personal grimoire - detailed descriptions of how to work with the elements, plants and other magical tools, including rituals, recipes and ancient traditions, your sacred studies begin. During our bi-weekly 1 to 1 intuitive guidance calls, please see intuitive guidance page for more information, I guide you through blockages from this lifetime and others and teach you how to create the life you've been dreaming of, using the exact tools that I use on my journey. We unpick any personal and/or business issues you may be experiencing, and release them. Continual support is available via text/voicenote. Those who Reclaim their Divine Essence will have the opportunity to attend exclusive events ✨Group Weekend Retreat ✨Personal Retreat ✨Plant Medicine Ceremony Come, remember your magic

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