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My Story.......


My life was seemingly amazing. I lived on the beach in Spain, had a good job in management for a multinational company that built luxury residential resorts, plus my own translation company, a huge circle of friends and an exciting social life. However, something was always missing, I always wanted more. 

One day in 2007, I had a lucid moment and realised I had been directing my energy in the wrong direction. I had been focusing on doing more to get more and be more, rather than tuning into myself and my own innate wisdom.  

I moved back to England to forge a new path for myself. Up until this point, my career had been spent in the corporate world  

  • Managing multinational sales offices for luxury residential resorts

  • Managing European projects with businesses and institutions as a charity consultant 

  • Working in local government with SMEs, corporations and multi nationals as an enterprise business coach, giving business advice and matching investors and funding to the businesses 

  • Working globally matching businesses with investors, manufacturers and supply chains 

  • Bid writing for business, charity and institutions bringing millions of pounds into the local economy 


I left it all behind to go on an inward journey of self awareness, and worked as a self-employed business consultant, parachuting in to a local alternative health centre to turn the business around. Whilst there, deepening my lifelong studies on alternative therapies and spiritual development.  


I left there to fully focus on alternative therapies and spiritual development. I trained in various modalities working with energy, breath, sound and plant medicines. Each one gave me new skills and a fresh outlook and helped me on my own personal journey.  


Since 2017, I have been working with my own modality, Intuitive Guidance, running one to one bespoke programmes, holding international retreats and hosting various national events, all designed to improve people's lives and support them in creating the life of their dreams.  


Alongside the spiritual and personal development work, I  also use the knowledge and skills I gained whilst working in the corporate world, supporting clients to grow their investments and businesses. Merging the personal and business aspects to bring self-awareness and intuition into the business world. To share a fresh way of being with changemakers who see differently. Forging new paths away from old, outdated paradigms. 

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