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My Story.......


My life was seemingly amazing. I had freed myself and my children from an abusive relationship. We lived on the beach in Spain, I had a good job, a huge circle of friends and an exciting social life. But something was missing, I always wanted more. I always knew there was more to life than what I, and most people, were experiencing. That society's rules weren't for me and I needed to carve my own path in life. 
One day in 2007, nature spoke to me, and I listened. I realised I had been directing my energy in the wrong direction. I had been focusing on doing more to get more and be more, rather than tuning into myself and my own innate wisdom. My pace of life slowed down and I started communing with nature and my own true essence.
I moved back to England and started to look for ways to live differently. More connected. More in tune. Then suddenly, one of my oldest friends passed and this changed my life completely. I began communicating with my friend and other people who had passed. Having visions of past lives and being shown events that were going to happen in the world. The most impactful, a vision in 2015, that showed me what would happen in 2020. 
It was a testing time as I had to decide whether to embrace my new found gifts or to hide them from the world. I withdrew from friends and social circles and spent all my time going inwards, getting to know this new version of myself that I didn’t fully understand yet. Learning to release old programs and beliefs about myself and downloading all the "new" wisdom I needed to enable me to fly, and to help others fly freely too.

Medicine Woman

I trained in experiential healing and started working with

energy and breath. But it soon became apparent that all I

really needed to do was be myself, my true authentic self,

my highest self. To open my heart to others and allow

words, wisdom and inspired actions to flow through me.

That’s when I was reborn as the Medicine Woman I am today. Transmitting my very own unique medicine into the lives of others to enable them to be reborn. 
Now I work with clients from all over the world, downloading divine soul wisdom specifically for them. Seeing into their past lives and showing them how these prior experiences that are encoded into their DNA are affecting them in this lifetime. Helping them see how their childhoods, past relationships, and traumas have moulded them into who they are. Giving them tools and resources to release all that doesn’t serve them to reach their highest potential and live the life their souls dream of.

I incorporate all of my modalities when working with clients, intuitively giving them the teachings and tools they need in exactly the right moment. 
I help people to uplevel in every sense - personal relationships and relationship with self, business and career, mental and physical health. Supporting them in releasing  everything of a lower frequency and empowering them to step into the joy of living their highest potential.

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