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Medicine Woman Plant Essences are lovingly handcrafted in the sun in the English countryside. Each essence carries the healing vibration of the individual plant. They are alcohol free potions. 


Emotional Ally 


Black Elder is a beautiful tree, often with lace like leaves. she has the same properties as her white flowered cousin but has a more showy personality. She wants to be admired. She gives more with her delicate pink flower that enhaces her medicine. 


If you’ve been hiding your beauty, afraid to stand out from the crowd and shine, Black Elder will help you to find your true beauty. She will remind you that you are the medicine, your own medicine, and medicine for others. If you work in the healing world and would like to potentiate your medicine, Black Elder is the ally for you.  


Medicinal Properties of Black Elder 


* immune booster 

* digestive complaints

* skin tonic

* eye complaints

* inflammation

* reduce blood sugar

* toothache

Plant Essence - Black Elder

  • Medicine Woman Plant Essences are made with raw, organic apple cider vinegar. If you are allergic to apple cider vinegar please do not use.