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Medicine Woman Plant Essences are lovingly handcrafted in the sun in the English countryside. Each essence carries the healing vibration of the individual plant. They are alcohol free potions. 


Emotional Ally 


Comfrey has a tough yet delicate exterior. Her flowers are beautiful little bells, yet her stalk and leaves are rough to touch and offer a protective force around her. She spreads her magic and medicine like widlfire and keeps on going no matter the terrain.  


If you’ve been feeling a lack of protection and/or abundance Comfrey will help you to get back on track. If you're feeling like you've been left open to attack, call on her, she will build up your defenses and remind you of your innate strength and constant protection from the other realms. If you are looking to welcome in more abundance, or maybe you haven't been feeling grateful recently, she will get your gratitude and abundance flowing once again. 


Medicinal Properties of Comfrey  


* healing broken bones

* bites and stings

* skin inflammation and rashes 

* irritable bowel syndrome

* respiratory health

* wounds

* fibromyalgia

Plant Essence - Comfrey

  • Medicine Woman Plant Essences are made with raw, organic apple cider vinegar. If you are allergic to apple cider vinegar please do not use.