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Medicine Woman Plant Essences are lovingly handcrafted in the sun in the English countryside. Each essence carries the healing vibration of the individual plant. They are alcohol free potions.

Emotional Ally

Rose is a heart opening medicine, connected deeply to love. She is known for her eye catching beauty, but she is also well protected by her own thorns. She has strength in her beauty. Each rose will give you different support.

Red Rose is the rose for love. This can be self love, if you have been putting yourself last, or it could also be in a relationship. Maybe you want to attract love, or rekindle love with your partner. Red Rose will help you feel love in every sense of the word. For added effect both you and your partner can commune with Red Rose.

Medicinal Properties of Rose

* Headache

* Earache

* Sore throat

* Gums

* Inflammation

* Bowel complaints

* Depression

* Skin complaints

Plant Essence - Red Rose

  • Medicine Woman Plant Essences are made with raw, organic apple cider vinegar. If you are allergic to apple cider vinegar please do not use.