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Live Authentically

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Hi and welcome,  

Do you want to live authentically, truly know yourself, and find real happiness and inner peace? 


Your business is successful, your life looks great from the outside, but inside you're always looking for more. You feel like you have just been going through the motions, doing what is expected of you, in business and in your personal and social life. You want to start living a better life and are ready to make a change.


The change comes from within. You won't find what you're looking for externally. To find the inner peace and deep satisfaction you crave, you have to go on an inward journey. 

Whether you want to find true joy, have better relationships, work more authentically and ethically, fill that hole that seems impossible to fill, or all of the aforementioned, you are in the right place.  

Through Intuitive Guidance you can attain all that you are longing for. These programmes are specifically written with you in mind. For the person who has achieved so much, but still wants more. Visionaries and wayshowers who are already doing so much, but not feeling how they want to feel.  

Working together, with continuous support, you will breakthrough any personal issues that are leaving you unfulfilled, uplevel your business so that you can work less but achieve more, improve your relationships on every level, and truly learn to listen to your intuition and make heart centred decisions so that you have greater impact on your own life and the life of those around you. 


Each bespoke programme is one to one and evolves with you. From joining a programme, you will attain   


Clarity – what is it that you're truly longing for and steps to achieve it  


Vision – moving away from the hustle and grind, into a new way of living where everything flows easily, and time is on your side, allowing for new ideas and creativity to come in.   


Insight – new perspectives that allow for a more peaceful way of living, positively affecting your health and relationships  


Connection – to self and nature. Remembering the humanness of us all, bringing in more self-compassion and healthier relationships  


Intuition – all the answers you need are within you. Once connected to your intuition you will never doubt yourself or your decisions again  


Acceptance – of the things that have happened and how life is, enabling you to move forward with more strength and positivity  


Inspiration – feel motivated again, truly motivated, to forge new paths and move forward with new found energy, becoming that revolutionary leader who does everything with passion  


Growth – personal growth to improve your life on all levels, and business growth and evolution without the grind  


Release – all those things that haunt you when you can't sleep and make you anxious, will all be released from your energy. Let go of people and situations that aren't in your best interest, with ease.  


Progress – moving forward never felt so easy. Things will just begin to happen as you want them without any forcing or fight  


Enjoyment – experience true fulfilment and joy in life, fill that hole and feel happy and content   


Trust – learn to trust yourself and the people around you. Once you believe in and trust yourself, things start to happen differently, people begin to behave differently around you. You no longer have to doubt everything and everyone.  


Each programme works on a personal and business level, giving what is needed in each moment. All Intuitive Guidance sessions are weekly and held via video call, with continuous support between sessions via email, text and voice note.   


In person sessions are included in the 12 month programme, which include transformative day retreats, using various alternative therapy modalities.   

Techniques used in the programmes may include  


Stress management tools – learn to manage your stress to improve your health and allow for a more productive, peaceful way of being  


Rerouting neural pathways – through changed responses and new experiences, your neural pathways will be altered to give freedom of thinking and clarity  


Ancient techniques – modalities that have been used for centuries to calm the mind and bring inner peace  


Inspired actions – actions that will shift your mindset giving a new perspective  

Embodied practices – our bodies hold a lot of tension and past experiences, through somatic practices you are able to master your energy and live a healthier, happier life  


Connection practices – building your intuition and strengthening your connection results in deeper trust and aligned decision making   


Releasing techniques – to let go of everything that is not healthy for you  


Results are fast and can be seen from the first communication. Life will magically begin to transform. If you are ready to be part of the change in the world, help to bring in a new way of living and working, and make greater impact, see below how to begin! 

Ways to book  


Directly book a programme online, paying in full or monthly instalments 


Book a free connection call with me to discuss the best option for you  


Complete the enquiry form once you've had a look at the programmes and I will contact you to discuss further   




My life was seemingly amazing. I lived on the beach in Spain, had a good job in management for a multinational company that built luxury residential resorts, plus my own translation company, a huge circle of friends and an exciting social life. However, something was always missing, I always wanted more. 

One day in 2007, I had a lucid moment and realised I had been directing my energy in the wrong direction. I had been focusing on doing more to get more and be more, rather than tuning into myself and my own innate wisdom.  

I moved back to England to forge a new path for myself. Up until this point, my career had been spent in the corporate world  

  • Managing multinational sales offices for luxury residential resorts

  • Managing European projects with businesses and institutions as a charity consultant 

  • Working in local government with SMEs, corporations and multi nationals as an enterprise business coach, giving business advice and matching investors and funding to the businesses 

  • Woking globally matching businesses with investors, manufacturers and supply chains 

  • Bid writing for business, charity and institutions bringing in millions of pounds into the local economy 

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