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Learn to Live Freely

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I'm glad you've found your way here. We are finding each other all over the world and its a pleasure to welcome you. 


You're looking for a deeper connection. Connection to yourself, to nature, to others, to life itself. I know you know there’s more to life, and you're ready to experience all that is waiting for you.


You've been envisioning another life for the longest time, but it always seems just out of reach. It's not really out of reach, its being shown to you because it is already yours . 


So now it's time to journey within to discover your own true essence. To unlock all the magic and wisdom within you, to help you on your path.


Begin the magical journey to your own realm, your own brand of mysticism and mystery that only you can unlock and unveil to the world. ​On this journey, I will walk beside you, and be your guide, through the dimensions to home.




Some of the things you will learn during our time together

  • Connect to your Divine Essence

  • Connect to your Feminine and Masculine Nature

  • Remember what it is to be a Woman 

  • Connect to Your Intuition

  • Reveal and Release the Inner Magic You

  • Learn how to Play with Nature and the Elements

  • Connect to Your Cycles and Nature's Cycles

  • Breakthrough Emotional Blockages

  • Release Trauma from your Whole Ancestral Line

  • Discover the Next Steps in Your Journey

  • Gain Clarity about Your Path

Some of the modalities that are incorporated into my work:

  • Intuitive Guidance

  • Energy Healing

  • Ancestral Wisdom

  • Womb Connection

  • Pranayam Breathwork

  • Plant Medicine

  • Nature Communication

  • Herbal Wisdom - for health and magic

  • Energy Mastery

  • Sonic Release

  • Sound Healing

  • Experiential Healing  

  • Holistic Wellness

If you are feeling ready to begin your inward journey to freedom then click YES PLEASE below.






If you are unsure which programme is for you, please complete this form and I will be in touch.




All programmes are delivered via video call.




I am an intuitive medicine woman who is here to help you create magic in your life, to move past all of your blockages and create the life you truly dream of. The life you get glimpses of but always seems just out of reach.

I had made a good life for myself and my children, after walking away from a decade of abuse. We lived on the beach in Spain, I had a good job, a huge circle of friends and an exciting social life. But something was missing, I always wanted more.

One day in 2007, nature spoke to me, and I listened. I realised I had been directing my energy in the wrong direction. I had been focusing on doing more to get more, rather than tuning into myself and my own innate wisdom. My pace of life slowed down and I started communing with nature and my own true essence.

I moved back to England and started to look for ways to live differently. More connected. More in tune. Then suddenly, one of my oldest friends passed and this changed my life completely.


How I Can Help You

If you experience any of the following, please get in touch 

•    Unfulfilling Career

•    Lack of Joy/Boredom
•    Addiction
•    Abusive Relationships
•    Not being able to Set Boundaries/Say No
•    Unhealthy Lifestyle
•    Low Self Esteem
•    Chronic Pain/Health Issues
•    Excess Weight 
•    Unable to Move Forward/Achieve Goals

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