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Intuitive Guidance is a bespoke, holistic, intuitive talking therapy that is different for everyone. 

There are no set rules or frameworks to follow as it aligns with whatever your needs are at the time. 

The guidance evolves with you to ensure that each session gives you exactly what you need. 

What can intuitive guidance can help with? 

✨️ Feeling stuck and stagnant in life 

✨️ Improving your business and investments
✨️ Healing past traumas
✨️ Aligning to your purpose in life 
✨️ Improving your relationships
✨️ Connecting to, strengthening and learning to trust your intuition 
✨️ Learning to love and trust yourself 


What will I gain from intuitive guidance? 

✨️ Learn how your mind works to gain self awareness, and  retrain the neural pathways

✨️ Tools to manage stress and emotions so that you are the master of your life 
✨️ Gain the courage to take bold steps and improve your life on every level 
✨️ How you self sabotage and gain the tools to stop doing it
✨️ Discover what lives in your subconscious, its effects, and how to clear it or use it to your advantage 
✨️ Connect to your inner world an
d learn how to support yourself in each moment 
✨️ How to connect to your intuition and work with it to make good decisions 

✨️ How your body shows you what you need and how to work with it

✨️ Why you came here and how to fulfil your mission
✨️ Discover the magic inside of you and learn how to use it to improve your life 


How does it work? 

Via one to one video calls, we discuss what is happening for you and how you're feeling right now. 

During each session you receive actions to complete that will enable you to clear blockages, make better choices, take your next steps in the right direction and create the life you want to live. 

These actions will depend on what is necessary for your growth in each moment and may include 

✨️ Rerouting your neural pathways 

✨️ Self awareness tools 

✨️ Somatic movement
✨️ Breathwork
✨️ Intuition building techniques
✨️ Relationship improving techniques

✨️ Meditation

✨️ Free writing

The above lists are non exhaustive as intuitive guidance will always give you what you need in each moment regardless of the circumstance that you find yourself in 

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