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Witching in the kitchen

Well what a wet week it’s been! Since my last blog post I’ve only had one foraging trip out as it’s been raining every day. I want to get more flowers so hoping the rain hasn’t destroyed them all!

I’ve been walking my dog a different way lately due to housing estate being built where we normally go. At first I was a bit put out by this because my dog is a nightmare on a lead and we now have to go further before we can take it off, but mainly because there are going to be so many more cars and people in my village. Anyway..... I decided to turn it into a positive and go exploring in new places. It’s been great! I’ve found loads of new things I wouldn’t have seen.

I found a new patch of mugwort and some real chamomile. I’ve only ever found the scent less one until now. Several black elder trees so I’ve been harvesting their pink flowers.

Due to the rain I’ve been indoors most of the week witching in the kitchen, making medicines with my foraged treasures. I’ve made elderflower essence and water, bath salts, drying herbs for teas and so much more! I’ve been making videos of all these things (which is new for me) so I’m getting used to all that and learning loads.

The videos are for my new membership site on my website, which will be launching in September. A medicine wheel that is native and seasonal. In there we will be learning all about seasonal plants and what we can make with them on a monthly basis. I’ll be sharing my grimoire recipes and spells. As a group we will be working magic for the good of all beings and supporting each other in whatever is going on for each of us at the time. A coven as it were. I’m already looking forward to the future meet-ups before we’ve even started!

Sign up to my website to be the first to hear about it!

I’ve also brought out my new subscription boxes, which are monthly boxes full of magical potions, sacred tools, spells, recipes and so much more!

And I’m just about to add some more new products to my website! I’ll talk more about that next week.

But for now we have a dry day (seemingly) so time to get back out there and connect with the earth. I’d love to hear in the comments what you’ve been up to 💚

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