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Soul Alignment and Legacy Building

A 12 month one to one programme to align your soul and build your legacy, bringing in true joy

  • 30,000 British pounds

Programme Details

Are you highly successful, yet deeply dissatisfied? Do people look at you as if you have it all, yet inside you always feel like there must be more? This is such a common feeling, but with deep inner work you can transform your life so that your interior matches your exterior. Maybe your journey so far has been dictated by societal and family expectations, and restricted by the same. Maybe you're not following your authentic soul's longing, which will bring you true joy and fulfilment. Maybe you've experienced such deep trauma and grief that you are going about your daily life, working and socialising but not really feeling anything at all. Whatever the root cause, we will unearth any blockages that are keeping you stuck, clearing them to allow true joy to come into your life and be your natural state. If you're ready to feel alive, to love what you do, and to fall in love with yourself and life itself, this is the programme for you. Together we will uncover what you truly desire, all the things that you want to feel but have been holding back from. In this 12 month deep dive your life will be completely transformed, by changing your inner world. I will walk alongside you supporting you all the way. How do we do this? With 12 months of weekly intuitive guidance calls, (with up to four weeks off for integration and rest), plus continuous support via voice note and text, you will see how quickly and completely your life begins to change. Please see the Intuitive Guidance service to gain a deeper understanding of how it works. During the calls, the intuitive guidance that you receive will show you your next steps, and give you tools and resources to shift your energy to where you want it to be. This is a bespoke support package tailored to your exact needs. Powerful in person monthly guidance sessions, when relevant, to support you on your journey to true soul authenticity. One to one, in person, day retreats which may include ceremonies, various healing modalities and personalised rituals to burn away all that you no longer need and bring in all that is awaiting you. All that your soul already knows. Are you ready to transform your life completely and build the life your soul truly desires? If you wish to pay monthly, please see the payment plans page to set up monthly payments.

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