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Self-awareness and Transformation

A 3 month, one to one programme for self awareness and transformation

  • 2,995 British pounds

Programme Details

Are you feeling stressed, disconnected and dissatisfied? You seem to have it all, but can't find the joy in life? Then it's time to connect to yourself and gain self awareness to transform your inner world. Gain an understanding of why you feel how you feel, the experiences that have brought you to this place and how they have shaped you. Clear out anything that is blocking you from feeling joy - situations, people, energy, to enable you to focus on what you really want from life. Let go of societal and familial expectations, and become your authentic true self. In this 3 month deep dive your life will change and I will support you all the way. How do we do this? With 3 months of weekly intuitive guidance calls, plus continuous support via voice note and text, you will see how quickly your life begins to change. Please see the Intuitive Guidance section to gain a deeper understanding of how this modality works. During the calls, the intuitive guidance that you receive will show you your next steps, and give you tools and resources to shift your energy to where you want it to be. This is a bespoke support package tailored to your exact needs. Are you ready to know yourself and transform your life? Then let's begin! If you wish to pay monthly, please see the payment plans page to set up monthly payments.

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